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Whatever the reason, being away from your kids can be hard, on everyone. When I told my son about the trip, his downturned mouth, drooping shoulders, and trembling chin brought a lump to my throat. I promise you, it breaks the ice. If time zones, work restrictions, or communication issues make it impossible to call, record a story instead.

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And roll it out every time you go away. And taking the time to do it made me feel less guilty about abandoning my darling boy. More than one child? Find a book that matches your family setup, or make one for each of them.

Happy travels!

Why not go the whole hog and stick photographs of your faces on the characters? For anyone who does this — awesome!

5 (bookish) ways to make up for being away from your kids

Use removable sticky tape instead. If you both have identical copies of the same book, you can send messages back and forth. The frown has gone and the headache has lifted. I believe even born worriers can relax and enjoy their kids. We hate spam, too, and promise to keep your email safe. It's really kind of you to think about this.

My sister lives on the direct opposite side of the world from me, and my brother lives a three hour flight away, andthey each have two kids. My family sounds about as close as yours. Here's how I've made a relationship with each of the children A lot, and on whatever schedule that works for my siblings. I'd rather have a ten minute call per week than a forty minute call per month, and it's easier for them. I asked this question about crafts and gifts I could include in my notes , and that's worked a treat.

Also videos of them saying "Hi Aunt Punch! These are all on my refrigerator. We all love this one. This is really nice - it means that when we're skyping, I can ask him about what he's doing at school.

How to Make Your Kids Feel Loved When You're Apart

As a childless person it's easy for me to think that my presence would just be a burden, I'd interrupt things, etc. My siblings have made it clear that I am almost always wanted, and they would speak up if I weren't. So, we're about even on them inviting me and me inviting myself.

This wasn't necessary to me but it really did say a lot. It would be less trouble to not do all of this, but it's so much fun and as a result we have a happy, connected family. One sibling doesn't want us to give the kids any presents, and the other feels it's an important way to stay involved. One sibling has said "we're coming for this time, and we're going to take this time for ourselves.

Toddler Peeps is 20 months and talks about his extended family all the time.

Child "Far Away"

Here is what we do: Weekly Skype at least, sometimes 2x. When grandparents visit, they babysit for several hours. This gives us a break and gives them a chance to build their relationship. Pictures in his room of family members. Big pictures with faces clearly visible, faces taking up the majority of the picture. Have a good time when together. Toddler Peeps is in lurve with his cousin, I suspect because they had a hysterical giggling good time over the holidays.

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Grandma taught him to sing tap tap when walking down the stairs, so now we sing tap tap. We talk about family often, in a way that makes them a living part of our lives, not just "somebody over there. For my 3-year-old, having the grandparents send regular cards made them much more "real" in his mind than did video chats. Even at a really young age, though, he loved to keep holiday cards with pictures of extended family in his room, and we'd pull them out and talk about them "that's grandma who lives in the mountains, with her big dog!

It seems to have worked really well, in the sense that he sees those people and doesn't act shy or hesitant like he does with strangers or people he met a similarly-long time ago but who we haven't made an effort to talk about frequently. I've got a one year old and our parents live in different states, and we just do fairly frequent face time calls.

Keep in mind, though, it's not for your kid, its for your parents. Your child won't even notice they're on a call for at least a year. It's my 3yo's prized possession now, he brought it to school to show his friends, takes it out to show guests when they come over etc. Keep in mind that while the relationship between your parents and your PILs and your kids will feel weird to you, because it's not what you're used to, it will be totally normal for the kids. Because that's the relationship they will grow up with. I produced the first grandkid on both sides, and we're by ourselves in our city with a 3-hr flight on one side and a 7-hr flight on the other.

We do weekly Skype dates with both sides, and maybe monthly with our siblings and their families. My kids weren't that interested in Skyping for the first couple years, although they could name each member of the family. But once they hit , boy they got excited when it was time to Skype with someone. With visits times a year they will be able to build their own relationships, there's no reason to worry. My four-year-old is still a little fuzzy on which cousin belongs with which family, but she's got the basics down. This lets grandparent watch kid as much they want, while kid isn't being asked to sit there and talk to a computer, which in my experience is totally boring for the little one.

When they're old enough, they can show grandma the toy they're playing with or the picture they drew or whatever. Facebook can also play a big role.

How to Make Your Kids Feel Loved When You’re Apart

You will want to post pics of your kid all the time, and your family can be relied upon to tell you how cute they are, well past the point where any of your friends care to do so. I had one set of local grandparents and one faraway grandma and while the relationships I had with them were, of course, different, I don't feel like I'm necessarily closer to one pair or the other - it's just that the nature of the time we spend together is different. Here are some of the things I remember us doing with her while we grew up: It's not Thanksgiving without her - now that I live on the same coast as her, I typically spend the holiday with her even when I can't afford to fly out to see my parents.

Similarly, my uncle on the other side is an integral part of my Christmas traditions. It definitely deepened our relationship. I wish we'd done this more - more solo-kid time - with other faraway aunts and uncles. Maybe that's supplanted by digital communication now, but maybe not. I think I went to her house twice before I turned Because of how expensive and hard it is for families with kids to travel, I think this was fine - spending time with her was never a big ordeal for us, just an enrichment to our daily lives.

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