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The Academy of American Poets website provides information on how to determine whether a poetry contest is legitimate and how to identify questionable contests and publishers. The America Library of Poetry Years of operation: See its Better Business Bureau file for further information. American Collegiate Publications Years of operation: The anthology features poets from colleges and universities in 47 states.

Each entry includes a brief biography of the poet along with a sample poem. Although the volume was supposed to be the first volume in an annual series, and the company advertised its contest , no further volumes appear to have been published. American Poetry Association Years of operation: Three to five volumes were published each year. A article in The Milwaukee Journal notes that the name of the series editor, John Frost, was a pseudonym used for the company's entire editorial staff.

Contest entrants were required to buy at least one copy of the anthology to ensure their poem's publication.

Volumes include an author index. The Library of Congress holds all volumes through vol. Other publications are listed in WorldCat. The Amherst Society Years of operation: None of its anthologies are held by the Library of Congress.

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A list of Amherst Society titles held by libraries can be found through WorldCat. Anthology of Poetry, Inc.

K students are eligible for publication. Many volumes are listed in WorldCat. View its Better Business Bureau file for contact details. Arcadia Poetry Press Years of operation: Volume five is titled American Poetry Anthology.


The Library of Congress holds all five volumes. Circle of Poets Years of operation: Circle of Photographers Archived version of website: The title of its anthology is Poetry Vibes.

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An archived page from its website describes its publications as follows: The manuscripts contain professional illustrations and contain all selected entries from finalists. We clearly display your name and poem title as well as comments you may have on the making of your winning poem.

Poetic Power Years of operation: Creative Communication Smithfield, Utah runs semiannual poetry and essays contests for students. Anthologies of winning poems are published three times a year fall, spring, summer under the title A Celebration of Poets. Purchase is not required for publication.

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View its Better Business Bureau file for further information. Creative Communication has also published, under the name PoetTree Press http: The Library of Congress holds only one Creative Communication publication: A number of other anthologies are listed in WorldCat. From to , Dorrance Publishing Co. For the four contests held each year in and , winners were guaranteed publication in a Contemporary Poets of America and Britain anthology, although non-winners could purchase an anthology to guarantee their poems would be appear in it.

Only one anthology appears to have been published each year: An ad for the only volume published in states "poets may purchase as many pages as they wish in the anthology. Each page features 30 lines. See WorldCat to local libraries that hold volumes from this series. Dorrance Publishing also published an annual Contemporary Poets of America anthology from to approximately The anthology, as noted in a ad, "provide[d] readers with an opportunity to enjoy the works of both new and previosuly published poets.

Both volumes are edited by Alan Sawyer. Poetry Nation Years of operation: A New Day , was published in A current page notes that "Sixty to seventy percent of all entries become semi-finalists and receive a certificate of participation suitable for framing Even poems disqualified from the contest may still be eligible for publication. There is no purchase required to be included in this anthology. According to the Pennsylvania Department of State , the president of the company is Rachel Mueck, who may be related to Eric Mueck, a former employee of the International Library of Poetry.

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Consequently, the two companies appear, at the least, to be affiliated. Famous Poets Society Websites: Winners were invited to attend the publisher's annual convention, held in locales such as Reno, Nevada, and Orlando, Florida. The name of one of the primary editors of the company's anthologies was "Lavender Aurora.

Forward Poetry Also known as: It was originally founded under the name Forward Press by Ian Walton in Forward Press was liquidated in November , but was shortly reformed as Forward Poetry. Forward Poetry's parent company, Bonacia Ltd. The Library of Congress does not hold any Forward Poetry titles in its collections. Many Forward Press anthologies can be found through WorldCat. Greenspring Publishing Years of operation: According to an archived version of its website, Greenspring Publishing Greenspring, Md.

One of the anthologies it published, possibly from this series, is Whispers. The Library of Congress does not hold any anthologies published by Greenspring Publishing, nor are any of its titles listed in WorldCat. The publisher's Better Business Bureau file includes its former address. Greenspring Publishing may have been affiliated with another Maryland company, the League of American Poets: Greenspring Publishing has indicated that two of its anthologies are Inspirations and Reflections - A Collection of Short Works , both of which are titles also published by the League of American Poets.

Iliad Press Also known as: Iliad Press an imprint of Cader Publishing, Ltd. It ran several poetry contests each year as part of its Iliad Literary Awards Program. Its anthologies usually provide background information about the activities of Iliad Press. For example, the anthology Musings notes:.

Iliad Press sponsors four literary competitions per year. Each competition presents awards to winners. Non-winning entries which are believed to be of particular note and merit are awarded an Honorable Mention. No purchase or entry fee is required for the first entry in the Competition. Contest rules are subject to change without notice. All winners are selected by an independent panel of judges. Contests run continuously, four per year. The Library of Congress holds a number of Iliad Press anthologies from to ; other libraries that hold anthologies can be identifies through two lists in WorldCat.

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Some, but not all, Iliad Press anthologies include an author index. Cader Publishing also ran a quarterly literary competition called the Laureates Program.

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I dream about the friends with whom I'll grow old, I dream about the person whose hands I'll hold, I dream about being young and in love, I dream about loved ones, looking down from above. I dream of the places I'll one day see, I dream of being wild and free, I dream of my house, high on the rocks, I dream of the sand underneath my socks. I dream of the people I'd love to greet, I dream of the things I'll say when we meet, I dream of hearing their voices sing, I dream of being happy with everything.

I dream of travelling with a map in my hand, I dream of never coming back to this land, I dream of finding myself - in sense I dream of jumping far off this fence. I dream of any things that one day I'll know, I dream of the freedom: Kelly writes of her work: The ability to do this is a small compensation for the loss of haring in one ear.

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  4. This book is far more than a slim collection of poems. It is an anthology of poetry, essays, photos and valuable links to on-line videos and audio recordings. The book shows us another world of literature that needs further exploring. It is an exceptional piece of work for the poems are well-crafted, informative, intelligent, heart-rendering, angry, happy and sad. It is a remarkable collection written by known and less-known voices but all voices certainly deserve to be heard.

    Congratulations to the editors and Nine Arches Press for taking on this fine work and bringing it to the attention of us all. Log in to Reply.