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It was awesome to read a Rylee story that was new to me. Like I said, a good book is meant to be read and reread till the pages fall out and then you get a brand new shiny n Wow! Like I said, a good book is meant to be read and reread till the pages fall out and then you get a brand new shiny never been opened new copy. Thank again for these characters and their world. I am so confused. Maybe I shouldn't have read this short story before any of the others?

Rylee sounds like me when I was a teenager. Angry at the world and possessing a b. I'm interested enough by what I saw here to keep reading. Sep 07, Cmoore rated it it was amazing. I just listened to the audio version of this book, and it was great This prequel short is a great entryway, as it should be to the rest of the series You get to explore her magic and the new, to her, reality where monsters are real If you can listen to the audio version because the narrator Lauren Fortgang is awesome Either way you won't want to miss this one Excert Not a bad little dip into the beginning of Riley's world, even before Elementally Priceless.

Explains how Riley got started, met Milly and Giselle. Not necessarily needed to read the other books, but a nice tidbit to read.

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Sep 16, Amanda rated it liked it. Short story to introduce a new to me series. Concept is good, main character swears horribly. Because this "pre" prequel was written after the series canon was started, it felt like I was still missing some information about the characters, so I look forward to reading book one.

Jun 07, Kelly Trobaugh rated it liked it. Interesting introduction to the series. I wonder how Giselle found Rylee to begin with. Can tell that Orion is going to be a big part of this series and not in a good way. While I feel a little sorry for Millie, I'm soooo not liking her. Apr 09, Milena rated it it was amazing. Jun 19, Howard rated it really liked it. I wished it was a little longer to prevent that sudden stop at the end. Mar 24, Levia rated it liked it. If the rest of this weren't so captivating I'd rate this two stars for that exasperating ending. Mar 23, Joseph rated it it was ok.

So I made the mistake of "starting at the beginning" and reading the prequels first. This is a mistake. I've started in on book one and the spoilers in this make me kinda not want to bother. Feb 09, Babygreendragons rated it liked it. The short story was good but seemed to just stop not have a real ending. May 25, Richard Goodrum rated it it was amazing. Rylee and Giselle are as good as it gets. Milly's introduction is far less flattering. This story paints a whole new perspective on the series.

I look forward to more. Four stars for the writing, two stars for wishing I hadn't read this before I started the series. Jan 04, Courtney rated it really liked it Shelves: I've been debating on whether or not to start this series for a little while now. It seems like something I'd like but I've been burned before.

Anyway, there was a sale on the first book so I went ahead and bought it and found this novella at the same time. Though it's listed as 0. I like Rylee so far, she seems like a kick ass kind of girl and I'm actually pretty excited to I've been debating on whether or not to start this series for a little while now.

I like Rylee so far, she seems like a kick ass kind of girl and I'm actually pretty excited to start in on the first book now. It seems like the kind of supernatural where it's still something you can relate to. Like, soft fantasy if that's a real thing, where you don't have to try and keep track of a million different characters and locations with super complex names and their own intricate back stories. This was like the perfect little sampler to get me to dive in to the series. Rylee's story , the beginning. Rylee Adamson is 17 and receiving training from her mentor Giselle.

Rylee's first encounter with Millie is highlighted. Rylee just learns she has supernatural abilities and that there is a possibility she can track her little sister Burget, if it weren't for the fact she believes her sister is dead and she feels responsible. Rylee encounters the FBI agent determined to make a name for himself by charging her with her sister's death if he can arre Rylee's story , the beginning. Rylee encounters the FBI agent determined to make a name for himself by charging her with her sister's death if he can arrest her; he constantly follows Rylee trying to catch her with evidence that will cement his case.

I love the world Shannon Meyer has created with Rylee and the characters that she collects on her adventures and she comes to love fiercely, those who are loyal and become part of the pack. This is a really great series that will keep you on the edge of your seat, make you laugh and cry at times. So reviewers have expressed frustration at some turn of events but they are explained as the stories unfold and the storyline just gets juicier! Don't believe everything you read in a negative review, judge for yourself by reading the whole series and the anthologies first, I am hooked on this series and it will go into my collection for rereading over and over.

I don't believe you will be disappointed if you buy this series and read it to the end. Wonderful little side story! I'm glad I didn't read this before starting the series. So, my recommendation is not to read this until you're at that point, because there is a whole aspect in this short story that you do not even know about. I don't even think sh Wonderful little side story! I don't even think she had any clear chance at life - at making her own choices.

She's probably got some sort of borderline personality disorder!! I'd have Daddy issues, too, if my dad sold me to a demon!! Seriously, this little side-story was fun to read!!

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Took me like an hour, but still!! Also, my ONE beef about these books is they need a good grammar editor. I'm always in edit mode - I just can't seem to turn that part of my brain off - and is be happy to give these awesome books a once-over for free if I was asked!! Just puttin' it out there!! Apr 18, Barb Shuler rated it it was amazing Shelves: Well hello my friendly little novella. I swear with each book of novella Shannon writes my love for Rylee and this series grows ten fold. It's a fantastic adventure in the pages of each book or novella.

You get to dive into Rylee's world and explore, bringing back more knowledge than you had before. Who knew but I guess worse things have happened. We also get to meet Milly for the first the and Yeah sh Well hello my friendly little novella. Yeah she's a twinkly twat from the get go.

Rylee's new power to track makes it so she can find Milly, who is a missing child that has something no one wants her to have.

A demon stone to be exact. No one in the supernatural community wants her to have it. And now Rylee and Giselle have the task of finding her, saving her and getting the stone away from her.

They do find and save her Orion is a nasty. He orders Milly to wipe their memories. Like a good little demon whore she does it. But before he left Rylee promised him she'd kill him. Let's hope it's not to late to make that threat come true! And this is how a tracker was born and a journey of epic proportions started. May 27, Ciara rated it really liked it Shelves: So if you didn't hate Milly before, you certainly will hate her after this book. I thought it was great that we got to see some more of Giselle before she started losing her mind.

Spoiler [Milly is the reason that Giselle went mad in the first place. I hope in the future we get another novella with Giselle and a young R So if you didn't hate Milly before, you certainly will hate her after this book. I hope in the future we get another novella with Giselle and a young Rylee, it would be great to see more of their relationship.

Tracking Magic (Rylee Adamson, #) by Shannon Mayer

Oh and bonus, a certain wolf makes an appearance. Rylee precedes to cuss him out, naturally. The only downside to this novella was the typos. There were a lot of typos. I've never had that problem with other Shannon Mayer books from Kindle, so I'm not sure what happened with this book.

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They weren't too annoying, but they are noticeable. Also this novella felt really short. Yeah I know the definition of a novella is to be short but this was super short. The previous novellas in the series have been a lot longer. Nov 28, Angela rated it really liked it. A short intro to that b witch, Milly So now we find out why Milly sucks as a person altogether.

Yep, that demon is Orion. No matter how good she was at times, her enormous power was all borne of darkness and it's finally revealed in this shorty. We also see Rylee's own transformation in to her Tracker abilities and her Immune nature. A surprise even to Giselle. All A short intro to that b witch, Milly I'm doubly pleased to report that Swash!

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What I remember most about it was that a long-held pet theory of mine at least now had perhaps! Another Taste of Sincerity. And you know what? I might raise them even more. But it seems no matter what I do, or what I try, I simply can't sell books. This morning, while exploring other people's reviews of books that I've reviewed on Goodreads, I saw these two reviews juxtaposed and it made me smile: Now, it's probably no coincidence, in that the ending to Under the Dome seems to be the most controversial thing about it.

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