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Aug 16, Where is my jaw? You have to know a thing about me. The cover, the blurb, the titleā€¦ all have to click togethe Aug 07, Bell is now following.

E.S. Bell (Author of The Dark of the Moon)

Author of The Shining The Shining, 1. Aug 06, I love how these books allow me to escape reality and immerse myself in the unique world the author has created. It's amazing how E.

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Jul 31, This was one of the most amazing and mind-blowing reading experiences I've ever made. My heart and mind are still caught within the pages of this epic book because I can't let this story and the characters go. I want them back Topics Mentioning This Author. Eye Spy - 6 Months Jan 04, Search for a book to add a reference. Aug 17, TDOTM is waiting patiently on my kindle to be read. But the insane thing is despite the horrible pain it scarred me with, I felt like doing it again and again. My face felt so dirty. Now matter how ma n y times I washed I still felt filthy. I could feel germs all over my face yet I couldn't see them.

But I knew they were there. I pulled my hello kitty backpack on to my shoulders and headed for the bus stop, which was conveniently enough, right in front of our house. Good, less germs to get from those sick, unhealthy ho bos. Stop thinking like that! There were no hobos in Sunset Val ley anyway. But there were those genetically tortured Bunches.

Who had blond hair like that anyway? I was interrupted thinking by a certain Belinda Robinson. School was my on ly escape from my "sickness". I let my sandle clad feet trudge slowly up the front porch and back inside. I avoiding letting any part of my bare skin hit the grass, who knew what germs could lurk under there?

The thought made me cringe and give a shot of pain through my picked apart face. I looked over, not expecting to see anyone but Belinda and Madeline. Mom was at that germy little diner downtown and daddy was usually doing I was shocked when there he was looking disgusted by some thing.

I s a w him in his typical work outfit. I wasn't paying much attention though. I just covered my fac e and hopped into my room and pulled out a little cheetah print case from under my bed, pilfered from the bathroom cabinet. I looked at my nails and was horrified that they had grown overnight. This could not do! I pulled out the silver instruments and st arted to do what I had to do: That night, I dreamed about the ocean and the limitless bounds it surrounded. I could be there. The idea thrilled me. I could escape this place. I wouldn't have to be like this. I could sail the ocean blue, no mirrors or anything to feed this h orrible feeling I h ad in the pit of my stomach.

Yes, that was it, I had to escape.

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And the sooner the better I woke up with the sun blaring relentlessly through the window, causing me to wake up at a very unreasonable time for a lazy Sunday. I fell out of bed, my body clonking to the pink padded floor. Neither Madeline of Belinda were startled, they were both the heaviest sleepers in the world. My hands suddenly flew to my face. I felt all over the pale skin and could n 't find any obvious flare ups or marks.

Except the marks I had given myself of cou rs e. I let out a sigh. I had to stop this. I didn't need any help. I was perfectly normal. No s arcasm is that statement at all. Bri and Sammy were still sleeping happily and mom and dad were at work. I smelled the intoxicat ing aroma of cookies and looked to the counter. There was a note: Please don't eat the cookies! They are for Claire Ursine and her daughter.

A girl called today and said she wants to talk to you. Don't scare her off, I want more grand kids! I peeled the saran wrap off just a bit so I could grab one. I lifted one gently I could feel my heart bea t under the thin pink fabric. My body shook, filled with a healthy dose of ad renali ne. I ran into my room, a little tiffed that I was so close to having that cookie. Now it was on the ground. Probably covered in disease.

I decided to do my morning routine. I grabbed an extra pair of tweezers in my nightstand.

Barber Shop Chronicles

I guess you can kinda tell what my "morning routine" is. But I can't help it. As I was about to leave, knowing full well I was about to confess to the sick monster inside me, Sam caught me by the arm and quickly looked at the little metal instrument in my hands. Watcha gonna do with those?.. I could see that when he looked at my face directly he was shocked. I could feel the warmth in h is hand settle in to my cold little frame. I was so tempted to settle into it and release my sadness and anger and But I was to strong to do that.

After all, I can't be that screwed up right? The rest of the day was spent crying in the inside and picking out the little blond hair in my legs one by one. Nobody was around so I could do pretty much anything I felt like doing. And sometimes that was a bad, bad thing. I guess his name is Jared or something, but I don't really care. He tries to buddy up with me and my sisters but Belinda is the only one who shows any sort of respect towards him. I just can't get over the feeling he is here for a bad, bad reason. And Madeline, well she simply couldn't care less.

Mom made us all a cucumber stew. It tasted horrible to me and my sister's under developed palettes, which were used to eating nuked TV dinners and happy meals. Me and Belinda made no show of our disgust but Madeline spit it out and immediately grabbed a Pop-Tart from the cabinet.

That stuff is a horrible excuse for a dog's dinner! Suddenly dad opened the door and Belinda rushed to wrap her arms around his waist, like she did every night. It irked me a little when she got all the attention. OK it was a little more than an irking, it stung bad. I felt alone in this big, tangled family. Daddy said his good-nights and immediately crashed on the old bed. He must have had a rough day at work. Once again I wondered what he did that made him this exhausted But in the middle of my thinking I was interrupted by shrieking coming from my room.

I opened the door and couldn't believe what I saw next Evil is the new Black? Ayesha Narrating OK, people I am not evil. Fine, but I really don't care what you think. Evil is a strong word after all. I like to think of myself as a woman who takes charge and gets what she wants when she wants it.

That's not a lot to ask for eh? You think I destroyed little Leighton's useless life? He was in a ditch before I graced him with my presence. He joined the Sunset Seven and got himself into all of this, I just helped the heartbreak along, gave it a bit of a push if you will? And I will do it some more too. I hang around his house all the time while his dumb wife looks at me suspiciously. I just smile and rub my round belly, knowing full well she didn't know about her husband's little "oopsie" Maybe I would tell her one day.

That would sure make for some fun little drama. Observing Leighton's pitiful little family can also be interesting. Sam, the oldest child makes pathetic little paintings and dares to call them art. I always laugh at him but it doesn't seem to phase him. Did you get lessons from your infant in painting? And where is your baby Sam? Alone with it's Mommy? He was still calm and collected yet his face was changing color. I could almost feel the angry heat levitate off his body.

I gobbled it up, using it for a power source. But I have a question for you. Why are you hanging around our house while you have a fiance and are so far alon g with your pregnancy? Does your fiance not love you or what? I wouldn't even be surprised if it w asn't. And you as damn well never insult my family again. They are and always will be better than yours. That was rare, I was so emotionally covered in sheets of armor that nothing usually phased me.

Yet, the pathetic boys little tirade made me think a little. I didn't show in my face though, that would be going against every rule I had grown up with. And there were a lot of them when you were the heiress of one of the Sunset Seven families. That evening I spent the time lounging on Leighton's bed. I felt the texture of the sheets and wondered how many times he had washed it since our night together.

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I would guess many, by the hatred he had for me and our unborn child. I thought about a lot of things that evening. I thought about Leighton's filthy wife working herself to exhaustion in that dirty little diner. I thought about my fiance who was positively boring and had barely heard of the word drama, which is something I feed off of. And then I thought about the baby in my stomach. The Sunset Seven would think it was my fiance's and they would never know that I was making my own little soap opera right here.

And I loved it so very much. In truth, I couldn't care less about this little munchkin who was single handedly killing my perfectly toned waistline. To be honest, I just like the whole love-child aspect. The plot to my own storyline was positively heart stopping. Maybe I would write my own book. I hopped off the bed and into the bathroom so I could deal with heavy pains in my stomach area. When I was done, I peeked into the bedroom to see that Roxanne and Leighton had come home from their jobs. I noticed they were yelling at each other pretty loud.

I wonder if the little girls were hearing this and what they thought, but I didn't really care because all I knew that this was juicy. I just wished I had brought my popcorn. She has been just hanging around here for the past few months! In case you haven't noticed, we are not the richest family on the block. And we are paying for her food!!

Seven people live here, and she makes it eight!! She better start paying rent or I'm pushing her out the door!!! I almost laughed but I knew the fun would be over if I had. I was just enjoying the conversation being all about me. I fanned my hair lightly and kept watching the fight. He umm, doesn't want the baby something or ot her. I can't believe she believed it.

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  5. Or maybe she wanted to believe it. Sometimes, when you want something so bad, you'll imagine things and not ask questions to avoid the pain. I knew that well. Hot as in angry, enraged,vexed and so on. It was music to my ears. It was like a warm cherry pie to my senses, eating up the tasteful aroma. Yet something felt wrong. Your gonna have to trust me on this one. I have NO other choice. So I guess he did know I was here and he was trying to motion for her to drop it and talk about it later. It just got her more angry. It had more truth in it than she would ever imagined. But hurt crossed my stomach again.

    The pain felt terrible. I shouldn't have said that I guess ever since that night at the bistro-" I couldn't take the pain any longer. I screamed out in pain and everyone came rushing in, including Leighton's children. I was scrunched up into a ball on the bathroom floor and I had never felt so weak in my life. I was suddenly y aware of all the hate and sadness I had caused, and for once it didn't please me.

    Despite Roxanne's obvious hatred of me, she helped me get off the floor and prepare to take me to the hospital. I decided she wasn't such a filthy woman after all I kind of liked her. Roxanne stayed home with her kids while Leighton went with me to the hospital. I couldn't help but sense the heartbreak in his expressions.

    I tried to suck it up and use it for my own pleasure but instead it left me with an odd empty feeling. I was horrified when the image of 11 year old me being beaten until purple and raped until I trusted no one came into my mind. I had become an evil, vile person who didn't deserve to have an ounce of respect in this world. I slammed the door of my big orange gas guzzler Daddy had bought me for my birthday and walked towards the hospital.

    Hope it goes well. How could I have been so evil!!?? I walked in to the sterile white hospital and was instantly strapped to a wheelchair and moved to a hospital birthing bed, or whatever the hell it's called. After 6 and a half painful hours of realization and giving birth, I emerged from the bleach smelling hospital with Colin a son. I looked out at the dark, hot summer air and was not expecting to see him there. But he was there, and for some reason it filled my heart with joy.