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Take the Test Drive. Financial Trader showcase app Developed using Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform with Flash Builder, this cross-platform enterprise financial analytics app features 3D charts and real-time updates. Shopping cart application The shopping cart application includes both a web application and a mobile application and shows best practices for sharing model and data access code between both versions. Twitter Trends The sample application gets the latest trending topics from Twitter and lets you see the tweets for each topic, as well as information on the user who posted each tweet.

Also read the tutorial. Tour de Mobile Flex showcase app An application highlighting the new mobile components and skins in Flex as well as device-specific functionality in the mobile version of the Adobe AIR runtime. Take a look at the Dreamweaver CS 5. Sample ActionScript profiler Simple examples to profile the performance of video playback. ActionScript 2 and 3 versions provided. Access to your video player's source code and a development tool typically Flash Professional or Flash Builder is required.

A simple auto-rotating image slideshow application optimized for mobile devices. The unique and innovative sketcher is optimized for the touchscreen interface, and allows professional quality molecular structures to be drawn quickly and efficiently. Molecules are organized in collections of datasheets. Individual molecules, or whole datasheets, can be shared via iTunes or sent by email, using the standard MDL MOL and SDfile formats, which allows the data to be integrated into any external workflow.

By Molecular Materials Informatics, Inc.

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A new molecule will be delivered to your iPhone each week. Guess what each molecule is, based on an image and the clue. By Americal Chemical Society. CatApp Calculated reaction and activation energies for elementary coupling reactions occurring on metal surfaces can be found by using a web application called CatApp.

This tool provides access to data for reactions of molecules with up to three C, N, or O atoms on a number of different transition-metal surfaces. The underlying dataset is generated from a consistent set of DFT calculations and extrapolations based on linear scaling relations. Chemistry formulas This application provides every possible formula for those studying AP Chemistry. It can be used to build your own formula reference in chemistry.

It can store cheat sheets, round-ups, quick reference cards, quick reference guides and quick reference sheets, which can be organized with clicks.

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Moreover, you can add a description to a label on an image. For example, if you want to add more information about a certain element, you can do that. Next time, when you click on that label, a transparent window will appear with the description you have entered. Whether you're a novice or expert, the free play and guided modes make it fun and fascinating. Primary target audience is middle and high school students.

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By Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago. Medicinal Chemistry Toolkit The Medicinal Chemistry Toolkit app is a suite of resources to support the day to day work of a medicinal chemist. Based on the experiences of medicinal chemistry experts, we developed otherwise difficult-to-access tools in a portable format for use in meetings, on the move and in the lab. The app is optimised for iPad and contains. By Royal Society of Chemistry.

Named reactions lite This is the free version of Named Reactions Pro, which contains organic reactions. Named Reactions Lite contains details on a number of common organic reactions, from Aldol to Wittig. Each reaction includes a description, tags, related reactions, reaction scheme, and carefully depicted mechanism. No Internet connection is required.

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Named reactions pro Named Reactions Pro contains details on over organic reactions, from the acetoacetic ester synthesis to the Zincke reaction. Named reactions student Named Reactions Student includes all named organic reactions covered in undergraduate chemistry courses. Organic named reactions Developed under the auspices of Professor Silas Cook, Organic Named Reactions currently covers over 25 basic organic chemistry reactions useful for undergraduate and graduate students alike. The various study modes provide a multitude of learning options to help chemists master these reactions quickly.

Learn at your own pace and impress your colleagues with your newfound knowledge. The app features an easy-to-use interface, named reactions important to all organic chemists, a stable user interface, and a master listing of reactions. Look for free updates that expand the reaction list. ReactionFlash helps you learn and understand named reactions: Not only does the app give you the reaction, it also shows you the known mechanism, recent literature examples from Reaxys, and even allows you to test your skills with the ReactionFlash quiz.

By Elsevier Properties SA. Reagents Reagents contains information on more than 80 reagents covered in typical undergraduate organic chemistry courses, along with a summary of all their important reactions. InfoChem created ChemReact for chemists who need information about effective reaction transformations.

We achieved this by selecting representative examples of each reaction type from the larger SPRESI data collection of — Yield Yield is the lab-bench companion app for Reaction Yield will calculate the missing values when possible, and calculate the final percentage yield for products.

Edit and view your reaction yield-scheme on your device, or email the data with a PDF attachment, print it directly, or share it online. Yield will automatically check each component structure for availability in the Mobile Reagents collection, and provides an easy way to browse them. Atom in a box Atom in a Box is an aid for visualizing the Hydrogenic atomic orbitals, the three-dimensional states that the electron occupies in Hydrogen, a prime and otherwise unwieldy example of Quantum Mechanics. The app links to an online FAQ, and the atom rotates with multitouch and the accelerometer.

By Dauger Research, Inc. Atom in a box hd Rewritten from scratch for the iPad, Atom in a Box HD is an aid for visualizing the Hydrogen atomic orbitals, the three-dimensional states that the electron occupies in Hydrogen, a prime and otherwise unwieldy example of Quantum Mechanics. The app links to an online FAQ, and the atom rotates with the accelerometer and magnetometer. CMol allows the user to open and view PDB files with complete control over the representations and colours used for individual chains, residues and atoms.

CMol is the first iPad app to provide cartoon and ribbon view, transparency and slabbing for viewing proteins. Crystal structure visualizer This application was produced in partnership with John Metcalf at Sheffield Hallam University as a teaching and visualisation aid to be used in conjunction with supporting lectures.

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  • The aim of the application is to allow the user to zoom below the surface of three example elements and to explore their differing crystal structures. As the user zooms under the surface of the beautiful images, the aggregated structure flows into view, then falls away to reveal the underlying crystal structure. Full multi-touch support has been added, allowing the user to zoom and rotate the 3d model at any level of detail. A reduced sphere model can be toggled by simply shaking the iPhone.

    Information associated with each molecule in these databases is also at your fingertips. Molecular view can be customized with a rich set of molecular representations wires, balls-and-sticks, space filling, ribbon diagrams, molecular surfaces and various coloring schemes. Select residues, atoms or chains and color or change their representations individually. Molecules Molecules is an application for viewing three-dimensional renderings of molecules and manipulating them using your fingers.

    You can rotate the molecules by moving your finger across the display, zoom in or out by using two-finger pinch gestures, or pan the molecule by moving two fingers across the screen at once. These structures can be viewed in both ball-and-stick and spacefilling visualization modes.


    By Sunset Lake Software. Uniquely, the app contains the results of quantum chemical calculations at high graphical resolution. The complete set of occupied atomic orbitals is available for 22 main group elements. Xenon 54 electrons is the heaviest atom included. Intuitive gestures allow inspection of the orbitals at any orientation and zoom level. Electron density isosurfaces as well as color-coded cross sections can be examined. Multiple orbitals can be displayed simultaneously if so desired. In fact, the visualization includes nothing but the nuclei and the electron cloud, with the latter represented as a series of isosurfaces of the electron density.

    Models of 51 simple molecules and ions are provided, both inorganic and organic. Each model can be manipulated in 3D with simple gestures. Bond lengths and bond angles can be queried. Quantum chemical calculations are employed to present electron density distributions for more than thirty systems.

    The distributions are also available as color-coded polarity maps electrostatic potential maps. Each model can be moved and manipulated with simple touch gestures. You can display proteins, nucleic acids, and other chemical structures in a wide variety of representations: WebMo WebMO allows users to build and view molecules in 3-D, visualize orbitals and symmetry elements, lookup chemical information and properties from external databases, and access state-of-the-art computational chemistry programs.

    Choose from a list of all of the commonly used biological buffer systems, enter your desired volume, pH, and buffer concentration, as well as the concentrations of your stock solutions of the conjugate acid and base, and the calculator will inform you of the exact volumes of these stock solutions to mix in order to obtain the buffer needed. ChemiCalc ChemiCalc is a powerful unit converter for chemistry and physics calculations.

    Students and teachers can enter and simultaneously view converted values for energy, wavelength and frequency. Formulas and fundamental constants relevant for quantum mechanics are included. Calcbot Calcbot is a simple and beautifully designed calculator for your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

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    Never lose your place in a calculation again with the live as-you-type expression view. Simply swipe the keypad to the left to reveal advanced functions. See your past calculations in the history tape. Other topics in this book include:. Understand how HTML5 is changing the web development game with this project-based book that shows you-not just tells you-what HTML5 can do for your websites.

    Reinforce your practical understanding of the new standard with demo applications and tutorials, so that execution is one short step away. HTML5 is the future of the web. Literally every web designer and developer needs to know how to use this language to create the types of web sites consumers now expect. This new edition of the bestseller teaches you to enhance your web designs with rich media solutions and interactivity, using detailed descriptions and hands-on projects for every step along the way.

    The second edition contains completely updated information, including more on mobility and video standards, plus new projects. You get carefully detailed techniques that are illustrated in full color so you can leverage the Web technologies unique to each mobile browser, apply frameworks such as Sencha Touch to rapidly build out your designs, and design techniques expressly suited for tablet devices.