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We are no longer hesitant to go salsa dancing - watch out! The staff is awesome. We love our little Alona.

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And Steve Mr Redbeard is giving her a run for her money After an extensive search for a new studio and advanced curriculum, I landed at Dance with me Soho. I was lucky enough to be paired with Milos, a brilliant dancer who has helped me improve my technique and performance quality. He also makes sure we have a great time even if we're working hard. FYI, the studio offers group classes that make it possible to get more reps and a high level of instruction without the heavy cost of a private. The team does a great job of creating community around the studio. I am always blown away when I am greeted by name or another instructor comes by to give me a tip.

I would highly recommend the studio to dancers of all levels. I've been coming here for the past 5 years. It serves as my therapy and stress reliever. You will sweat all the while learning new moves to display on the dance floor. But don't ask me who the best instructor is as I am biased and I don't want anyone else booking this person.

Absolutely love them trying to learn some dancing moves. Stiff as can be. Bryan is a great instructor funny and dances really well. Flexible and a good excercise. Had Christmas party there and continue going. Really easy and non threatening way to learn he to move better. Came here for a special introductory couples dance class! My boyfriend and I found this place on Yelp so we figured it was worth a shot. We had a really fun time and we loved our instructor.

It seems as though you need to come a couple times to really get the moves down but it's definitely fun for date night.

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My only reservation is that you are not in a private room the entire studio is one room where everyone takes private couples classes so you can hear and see everyone else taking a class. This did make our night entertaining however we both felt a little shy in terms of our dancing. That was three years ago. I never wanted to leave. The super cool Soho studio is such a contrast to crazy NYC life--chandeliers, mirrors, fabulous music in a loft building on Broome street. Teachers welcomed me from the start, even as a beginner and I fell in love with learning dances from waltz to tango to cha cha and bachata.

Everyone says, 'Wow, great exercise! I can't wait to go each week. I'm winning trophies in competition so they certainly welcome type A's like me as well as club dancers, couples preparing wedding dances, group parties. I've taken lessons here for three years. I've learned to compete and perform in showcases, two things I couldn't have imagined three years ago.

Clearly, I highly recommend it. The atmosphere is very inviting and the teachers are excellent. They can break it down to the simplest explanations, and they can put it back together into complete performances. The only negative is that it's expensive, but the fact is you get what you pay for. You can pay less elsewhere, but you'll get less, too. We had this one time slot to take a lesson together. We got paired with Kajdi! Who was was unbelievably amazing and came up with a simple and elegant routine for our Indian-American mash up song!

We were able to get all the moves and feel so excited and pretty confident to perform at our wedding.

Dance With Me

So grateful to dance with me studio!!!!! Amazing staff and instructors with a fun, welcoming environment. Would definitely definitely recommend them!!!! I just had an introduction lesson and purchased five private lessons for my upcoming wedding. My experience of the introduction lesson wasn't pleasant at all.

I send them a link from Youtube, which has the specific dance I want to learn. However, the instructor didn't even prepare anything about the dance. Their excuse was that they couldn't open the link I wish they could find a better excuse rather than treating me like a fool Since the instructor didn't prepare what we wanted to learn. I was expecting after I showed him the video on my phone in the studio, he can at least show us some moves that somewhat related to the dance we want.

Instead, the instructor briefly showed us two other SIMPLE steps for ten minutes and concluded that we are able to dance fairly well. Of course we know that we are able to dance well. But how could the instructor know how well we can dance. In my opinion, he didn't even challenge us in anyway! How could he ever know our limit!!! Another reason that I don't like this place is because they don't have any price list on their web for private lessons.

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I feel like they can just ask whatever they want to charge depends on how stupid and desperate their customers are! One of the most expense packages in Manhattan I don't know how stupid I am but at lease I was pretty desperate due to my tight working schedule. Before I left the studio, I insisted that I wanted to learn some moves from the video I showed them in my first private lesson. It seemed like they were planning on teaching us random stuffs for all five lessons and see how we feel after that I don't want to trap at this dance studio forever I want to learn "THE dance" I understand it takes extra effort for an instructor to learn a new dance and teach it us.

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But that is what I am paying for!!! If they aren't confident to accomplish that, don't offer the lessons. I am looking forward to our first private lesson in two days. I am curious how much the instructor can teach us in a 45mins lesson. I also wonder how many moves the instructor can actually pick up on himself They better not disappoint me again I will come back to give five stars reviews if they can impress me!!

I change my mind I just found out that this studio is founded by Val's family P We came in with an offer from Groupon for my partner's birthday and loved the experience. We found up buying a 5 session package because Bryan made us feel comfortable and welcome. Excited to learn different styles and try it out in the real world! I think he is glad I did!

But I didn't twist too hard since he'll need his arm to dance with me. We had a large group lesson in Salsa. A fun time to be had by all! I always wanted to learn Salsa. Well, tick it off my bucket list! I think my boyfriend is happy I convinced him to go because the ratio works in his favor. The women out number the men by A LOT! SO if you are a single dude looking for a dudette I was more than happy to lend my boyfriend out. I think he was happy about it too!

The ladies can borrow him to dance but I'll take him home, thank you very much! Serious, guys out there Even my boyfriend noticed how great it would be for a single guy at a dance studio. You would think there would be a ton of single guys who would show up for the beautiful ladies taking dance lessons! TONS of beautiful ladies to dance with! I love dancing and i went for a free lesson. It's a wonderful experience and if i had the money i would go full time.

While it may seem expensive at first, they actually give you a whole lot of dancing time. Their private sessions are 45 minutes long and you MUST be there on time because they have to schedule you with other people and they run a pretty tight ship. They also have group sessions - where you learn how to dance with different people and learn how to adapt, as well as "parties" where for a while they'll have a "go and dance" party.

Where you can show off your skills and dance. Had so much fun and felt so comfortable!

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Just as Rafael and Patricia leave the stage, Bea comes in, saying, "I wanna do that too" and she and Rafael perform a very humorous dance to the amusement and delight of the crowd. After the dance, Burnett meets and apologizes to Rafael, eventually convinces him to stay back and also commending his dancing. The main dances begin and Ruby and her partner Julian are involved.

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Despite the slight tension between them, they win the competition although Ruby almost all the time seems to keep her eyes on Rafael, who is in the audience and who is watching her, however he leaves and when Ruby looked around without seeing him, she breaks down in tears. Later at a dance party for all the contestants, Ruby is met by a man who wishes to promote her. However, to her relief, Rafael appears again and leads her to the dance floor for a final dance scene that has the rest of the dancers watching with admiration. The movie ends at the studio with the entire studio members and some new dancers dancing to the theme song "You Are My Home" by Chayanne and Williams themselves.

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